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Artemis berliini video seks massage

artemis berliini video seks massage

edit Germany backs bigger brothels to fight World Cup sex explosion, The Independent, 9 December 2005 World Cup amenity: a 4-story brothel, msnbc, 30 September 2005 Brothel to Open Near Berlin Soccer Stadium, Deutsche Welle. 1 5 Women work in two shifts, starting at 11 am and. His business card says hes the clubs Geschäftsführer. Im calculating a basic cash flow of maybe 70,000-100,000 euros a night.

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"Diese Frauen liegen in Ketten!". 4 Food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the entry fee. He is wearing a cream linen sweater, black leather loafers and stiff slate jeans, with the kind of personal undergarment arrangement, shall I say, that ensures his crotch enters the room before he does. Oh right, that guy, the days first customer. Extensive report on Haki Simsek and Artemis. The brothel has 49 employees, 6 in addition to the prostitutes who officially are not employees, but have to follow the house rules regarding services and dresses.

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A b "So lief die Puff-Ballerei im "Artemis". It is a little more than two kilometres from. I like the manager, Kenan Simsek, 49, for his candour and try hard not to find him sinister. What kind of saddo shows up at a place like this to plant a total stranger for cash at 11 in the morning? TOP stories, delivered TO your inbox. Married with two children aged 9 and 14, Simsek commutes from Munich for a four-day week managing 200 prostitutes and many hundreds of men daily. Artemis was a goddess in, greek mythology who pledged to remain a chaste virgin. He and his kind young secretary Katharina and everyone in the building scrubbing and rinsing including the white-haired man on his knees stripping gum off the carpet with a paint scraper are the warmest people I meet. I arrived early, as nervous types do, talking myself into good cheer, bounding in, full of whatever strikes me as situationally appropriate chatter but now sounds idiotic.

Artemis berliini video seks massage - Artemis (brothel)

Le Monde (in French). The group then fled by car. A question that was nicely evaded. Annual profit of Artemis is estimated at 3 million Euros. 12 The tax evasion charges against Artemis were based on the allegation that the prostitutes working there were fraudulently classified as independent contractors rather than as employees. artemis berliini video seks massage

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